By signing up with Seaside Holistic Billing Services you will receive:

  • Diagnostic review of your current state of billing
  • Complete review of case management including additional training for medical providers and staff.
  • Follow-up on unpaid claims or claims with errors
  • Weekly transaction reports for outgoing billing numbers, statistics and weekly collections (claim payment activities)
  • Elimination of office expenses for CMS 1500 forms, postage, envelopes, electronic claims transmission, consulting or staff hours for follow-up calls

Our Services

Seaside Holistic Billing Services provides unlimited support for any consulting you may need or any questions you may have.  After a one to two hour consultation/training,  we will begin to submit all necessary paperwork for new claims on your behalf.  Unlike other medical billing providers, we only charge you for what we collect.  This means we can get to work on day one without the headache and paperwork associated with cumbersome start-up fees.  You only pay Seaside Holistic Billing Services when we collect money and/or deductibles on your behalf.  

Our team of billing specialists have the knowledge required to understand what insurance companies will and will not pay for.  We are dedicated to getting your insurance claims paid quickly. This translates into big savings for you - with reduced claim errors and faster reimbursements.

We will guide you though the enrollment process and get you set-up quickly!  Contact us today to get started.

Our Process